Forgotten 401(k)?

Forgotten 401(k)?

Leave your job, not your 401(k).

There are nearly 25 million forgotten 401(k) accounts as of the end of 2021. If you've left a job and haven't rolled over your 401(k), who is managing that money? Is it working for you?

Chat with an advisor to see how you can consolidate your 401(k) accounts to potentially minimize administration fees and have your investments in one location.


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Why should you move your 401(k) from previous jobs?

More Control & Proactive Management

Moving your 401(k) from a previous employer gives you more control over what happens to your account, and your  money. Diversified will proactively manage your account for you.

Lower Administrative Fees (Potentially)

When your 401(k) is controlled by your former employer, you're subject to their administrative fees. If you move it into a different investment vehicle you may have lower fees.

More Choice

While your 401(k) sits at a previous employer, chances are you aren't looking at it and managing it. Moving your 401(k) will enable you to make more choices with your investments.

Get Help With Your 401(k)

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