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Meet Diversified

Partner Value Proposition | Why should you consider Diversified?

Diversified At A Glance

HQ: Wilmington, DE

AUM: $1.42B RIA & $96M BD

Employees: 37

CEO: Michael Fisher

Office Locations: 6

How We Grow Together

Marketing Strategies

Diversified is committed to helping advisors grow. They have enlisted the support of senior advisors who understand marketing strengths and share best practices across the firm. This sharing fosters an        environment of continuous improvement.

Diversified is working on an internal Lead Gen system and also purchases lead generation for the partner office to help growth. The leadership sends out two weekly value-add emails to clients and prospects. There are monthly newsletters, local events, and Zoom educational videos available.

Diversified also has an active social media presence to drive additional business. Diversified handles all of the office marketing efforts on behalf of advisors, including daily-, weekly-, and monthly social posts, email, local events, etc. All of these are lifted off of the advisor.

The firm also utilizes Dave Ramsey’s network for additional leads.

Organic Growth

Diversified has had double-digit growth in four of the last six years. Through their marketing efforts, they aim to continue this growth pattern.

What are the Points of Alignment I need to be aware of should I choose to join the Diversified Team?

What is Diversified Building?


Diversified has experienced significant growth in recent years as shown below.

Organic growth historic rates:

  • 2022        11.50%
  • 2021         12.93%
  • 2020           8.41%
  • 2019         12.28%
  • 2018         12.89%
  • 2017           9.42%


Diversified Leadership

Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen


“Andrew Rosen is the President of Diversified, LLC. In his role as President, he sets the strategic direction, which focuses on providing our clients and employees with everything they need to achieve their goals and dreams.

As a Financial Planner, Andrew forges lifelong relationships with clients, coaching them through all stages of life and guiding them to better achieve their life goals.”

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Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher


“Michael Fisher joined the Diversified team in 2019. Michael has over 20 years of financial services industry experience. In his role as CEO, Michael focuses on managing the day-to-day functions of our executive team and over 30 staff members across three organizations.

Michael is also the managing partner of Diversified Tax and Diversified Insurance our two sister companies. ”

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