What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Have you ever purchased a Powerball or Mega Millions lottery ticket and daydreamed about the winnings? Winning the lotto has a low probability , but buying a ticket can be an exercise in financial planning. How?


While you’re daydreaming about the big payday that comes with the Megamillion payout, you’re learning what makes you happy. How you’d spend a large chunk of lottery money likely indicates what you’d spend your time and effort on in your life. If you’d spend it on a big trip, travel makes you happy. Buying multiple homes for your family means that family and building memories are of importance to you. Determine what brings you happiness by thinking about how you’d spend your lotto winnings.

Goal Setting – A Lesson From Lottery Daydreaming

Set your real-life financial goals based on your happiness. If travel makes you happy, set travel as a goal for your future. Building a beach home to create family memories should be a goal if that is high on your priority for your personal happiness.

Use your lottery daydreams to fuel your real-life happiness and goals. Work with a financial advisor that focuses on your happiness and goals, like Diversified, to help you in your process.