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How We Help

We’re here to help you identify your goals, so you can achieve true happiness.

Everything You need for lifelong wealth under one roof

As a fiduciary, we put your best interest first, every time.

Our dedicated, Certified Financial Planners® work on creating financial plans that are tailored to your goals. We study with psychologists so that we’re trained to get to the heart of what makes you happy – resulting in goals that work towards your happiness.

When your financial plan is in place, your assets are in experienced hands with our investment committee. Led by our Chief Investment Officer, we keep you updated with the current state of the market and we’re transparent with how your assets are managed.

Your relationship with us is an important lifelong partnership. We want to make your financial life as simple and fulfilling as possible, and as such, we have a network of partners available to help you. We have Diversified Tax to help with your taxes or give you advice and a network of insurance agents, mortgage specialists and attorneys available for you. It’s our goal to have your planning, investments, tax services and anything you need to make your financial life easier, all in one convenient location.

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The Benefits of Financial Advice What are the benefits of hiring a financial advisor?

Meeting with a financial adviser is associated with:

  • setting long-term goals
  • calculating retirement needs
  • retirement-account diversification
  • use of supplemental retirement accounts
  • retirement confidence
  • higher levels of savings in emergency funds

Statistics from Rand, 2021.

Studies show that when someone else handles your investment decisions, investors enjoyed:

  • access to financial expertise
  • help to improve their chances of growing assets
  • peace of mind about their investments
  • explanations of investment options
  • ensuring that estates were in order in case of tragedy
  • someone else taking the time to make investment decisions

Advisors don’t just create a financial plan for you. The value of working with financial professionals includes:

  • asset location
  • rebalancing
  • behavioral coaching
  • spend down strategies
  • product selection
  • tax management
  • risk assessment

Not to mention the added benefits specific to Diversified.

These benefits add up!

  • The advice offered by financial advisors results in a 3-5% increase over what “self-directed” investors see in their returns, according to research by Vanguard and Russel Investments.
  • These calculations are completed annually by Vanguard and continually show consistent results in the same 3-5% range for those working with advisors.
  • Russell Investments in 2020 reported a value of 5.2% for advisor clients in their research.
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In a 2010 study on relationships with financial advisors by the financial service council, researchers found that since working with financial planners, client’s:

  • financial situations were better overall
  • they felt more in control of their finances
  • had lower levels of stress
  • were more prepared for contingencies
  • were more comfortable with their financial situations
  • put more effort into their finances, and
  • were more satisfied with their financial situations. (Rand, 2021)
Burke, Jeremy and Angela A. Hung, Do Financial Advisers Influence Savings Behavior?. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2015.

The Diversified Difference

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